Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#98 (red legs, yellow legs and now green legs)

My slow trudge towards 100 birds seen on this new island continues. Long time readers will recall that my Caribbean island list terminally stalled in the high 90's but on this island there are far more birds available and in truth my list really should be a little higher. Consulting the news this weekend revealed at least 6 possible ticks (although 2 of those involve gull id so we can't really count those as gull id is dark magic of the highest order and I prefer to avoid it).


I didn't have massive success but I did get one of them - this is a member of the genus Tringa, specifically Tringa nebularia, and the previous members of that genus featured here have been the redshank (so named for its red legs) and the yellowlegs (again named for the, erm, yellow legs). Tringa nebularia is better known as Greenshank because of (you've guessed it) its green legs.


It didn't stick around long....


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