Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gaudy waders

Redshanks take their name from their bright orange-red legs - shank being an old english word for leg (hence Edward Longshanks). There were a number of these lovely birds showing well today on the mudflats of the London Wetlands Centre.

When you get to see these dainty chaps striding through the mud and shallows on a sunny day like today you can really appreciate the colour of their legs and their delicate plumage.

I have previously only seen them on foggy winters days on estuary mudflats so it was nice to get a good view. There were a few other very cool birds on display which I'll share in the near future.


Pam in Tucson said...

Beautiful photos and a nice bit of history, too! There's a serenity to the first photo - the subtle colours of the Redshank's plumage contrasted with its bright legs, the quiet blues, greys and browns of the gently-rippling water: lovely image for a Sunday morning.

Endment said...

What a great post, information and beauty combined. Thanks