Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unleash the 'hog!

So the 'hog turned out to be ok save for a few fleas. She had a flea bath and got a worming and then came back to me. You'll notice she's now a she as opposed to a "he". I assumed she was a he as she was so big. It turns out she's a she and probably pregnant which is awesome news.


I'm still pleased I took her in to the rescue centre. She didn't look particularly alert or responsive and with the paint that was enough to worry me. Now I know she's ok I'm a lot happier than I would be if i'd left her. Anyway I thought I'd video her release so behold:

It really warrants the sound turning up so you can appreciate her full snuffliness.


Amy said...

I love her snuffliness!

Out walking the dog said...

What a magical creature, snuffles and all.