Friday, June 25, 2010

Marsh harrier scavenging equence.

This female marsh harrier flew slowly past the hide and then dropped to the ground. A few herring gulls were spooked as she did and I was curious as to what had drew her in.


I soon got my answer - a dead rabbit.


Obviously that was what the gulls had been interested in and though you can't see them they mobbed her as she flew off with their prize.


As soon as she made it over the phragmites reeds she whiffled dramatically and dropped straight down into the reeds (immediately after this shot).

marsh harrier & rabbit

I'm not sure whether in so doing she gave away the presence of her nest to me or the gulls or whether she simply wanted some space to tuck in. I suspect perhaps the latter as that was away from the section of reeds I typically see the harrier patrolling.

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