Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Point Break? Point Brent!

The last time Brent Geese appeared on E, W & W I was in contemplative mood, amazed by the mass of geese arriving in East Anglia for the winter and imagining the bounty they represented for fenlanders of millenia past. I'm still amazed and I still ponder the culinary possibilities certain geese species may represent in terms of sustainable food for a growing global populace but for now here's a more light hearted look at the Brent Goose. You see they like to surf. Here's a foursome of BG having just ridden a wave pretty close to shore.


....here's the line-up.......


.......and here's number 4 post surf trying to make it back to the line-up...

surfing brent

......and this? Well this is the moment just before WIPE OUT!!!


The photos of dunked brent didn't come out unfortunately. But he hung in there like a good-un.

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