Monday, January 11, 2010


This is the second beast from my bimble in the bay we used for introductory dives. This shot was taken under one of the two little supply jetties and under one or other of them you can usually find one of these.


It is worth noting that I usually have a look for these first up because a 5 foot cuda (this one isn't anything like that big but I have seen them) is quite often more than enough marine life for a nervous beginner diver to enjoy. If someone is already nervous about alien concepts like breathing underwater and something almost as long as you with an array of massive and obvious teeth rocks up its understandable they may get a little freaked out. I tried to point these (and the big rays that sometimes hang out there too) out before we got in to give people a while to get used to the idea. 'Cuda are actually harmless unless you are freakishly (struck-by-lightning type freakishly) unlucky or messing about with fish but they sure look impressive.


They will also allow you to get tremendously close as this one did, making them great for photography and a cool early sighting for students.

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