Wednesday, October 07, 2009

While I have some speedy access....

.....the last couple of weeks here has been amazing; on what turned out to be my last day's diving here last friday we scored 3 turtles, 4 sting rays, a nurse shark and an 8 foot plus diameter eagle ray (so big that my first reaction was manta). There have been sharks on most dives (a few people are reporting seeing more around at the moment) and yesterday a quick stop passing a random salt pond produced a shock 4 flamingos as well as a load of migrating waders. Sadly this time tomorrow I'll be at the airport preparing to depart. I'm not going straight to my new location however; there'll be some brief wanderings in search of sharks, mega-reptiles and a few other bits and bobs of interest. Updates may be limited for another week or so though I'm afraid.

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