Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Cave

Generally I do not do cave diving. Cave diving is, in my opinion, a high risk activity where the risks do not meet the rewards and whilst one might see some nice stalactites, it seems scant reward for the unreasonably high risk that, due to something entirely outside your control, you will die horribly. With that being said I can occasionally be tempted to make an exception.

grand central2

I religiously avoid diving true caves but will explore swim-throughs and caverns where one can still see a sunlit way out - they can be quite scenic and the sunlit zone presents an acceptably mitigated risk of death for my risk-averse nature (yes I know I play with sharks/crocs/other stuff all the time) even in the event of a diver induced silt-out.

grand central3

This is a cave called grand central - the first time we did it, it was stirred up by other divers and frankly horrible. This was the second time and it was spectacular.

grand central1

Well worth making the exception. We found something by the cave entrance but that will have to wait for another post.

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jason said...

Undeniably stunning! Definitely worth making an exception.

And I had to laugh at the idea of you avoiding caves. My first thought: But the sharks and crocodiles and whatnot... But it makes sense even if it does seem counter to your usual adventures.