Thursday, September 24, 2009


I thought I'd post a fairly typical shark encounter I had the other day. We were cruising along a slope in about45 feet of water and I moved away from the slope to look for bigger animals cruising the deeper water. I heard a clang from another diver who pointed out this little shark headed in my general direction.


It took a look at me, banked away and I followed as fast as I could. I use the most efficient fins I have come across and was pumping my legs as fast as I could to keep up with it. It meanwhile was lazily flicking its tail every once on a while.


This is a small Carcharhinus species; I don't know which but probably perezii or limbatus. Eventually he got tired of me and kicked on leaving me behind.


I thought people thinking of visiting the Caribbean may be interested in this. I'll post our other typical type of shark encounter next weekl (its similarly non-threatening). We do have much bigger shark species but your chances of seeing anything bigger than this or getting better views than this are minimal unless you attend a feed of some kind (or the site of a feed).

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