Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 of a kind

So a month or so a go I saw all 3 of our anoles on the same day and had my camera with me. Lets compare and contrast. The first is the biggest and most common - the crested anole. This is actually a pretty big (but shy) male. You can see the sailfin type crest on his unusually well-patterned tail.

crested anole

Next up was the anole I see least frequently - the grass anole. This one had chosen to forgo the turf in favour of a beautiful blue Agave which made for easy but pleasing composition.

grass anole

Clearly not keen on being left out, this saddle anole decided to flag me with his dewlap until I took his photo. Since these are my favourites that wasn't a tricky choice.

saddled anole

Flagging anoles are one of those subjects which makes you love your DSLR's lack of shutterlag


Floridacracker said...

Nice to see some different anoles!

jason said...

Delightful! As FC pointed out, it's nice to see some anoles other than our usual suspects (not that we lack lots of lizards, but we do suffer from an absence of anole assortment...).

tai haku said...

Thanks for popping by guys - I think the same thing everytime I head to a different island. I'm a particular fan of the green and blue anoles in DR and Antigua but I never have chance to stalk them properly for photos when I'm there.