Friday, April 10, 2009

Normal service resumes now.

Sort of. I'm gonna be away travelling from today for a couple of weeks and a bit. Nonetheless as I hate for the blog to lie fallow I've scheduled posts for every weekday from now til I get back and a weekend bonus. I may check in if I get internet access to update on what I'm doing but probably not. Rest assured its very exciting and will result in many, many posts on an array of topics.

Coming up in the next weeks are: plants big and small! a fish! monstrous reptiles! birds! poetry! there is even a foodie post of sorts! I've also just updated the cycad list page to hint at future posts in that regard.

Anyhow after this pops up I won't be answering any comments until after I get back but please don't let that stop you sharing your thoughts.

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