Thursday, April 09, 2009

Monkey madness

So, let me be absolutely clear that the photo below is of a monkey in a mango tree. In the caribbean. A monkey. An African Green Vervet monkey no less.


So here's how this madness went down. The French ran St. Kitts and brought some monkeys over as pets (don't get me started; why would you think something like that would make a good pet - I mean its like a kitten that can climb walls and manipulate objects with opposable thumbs and has more bite strength - pet from hell!). They left after the British took over and now St. Kitts has a shed load of monkeys running around. This was the first one I saw. It appeared behind me out of nowhere, was much bigger than I expected and scared the cr@p out of me (don't forget we don't have any big terrestrial animals on my island). More on these beasties later.

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