Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A good sign

A lot of bloggers have been waxing lyrical about the neotropics of late. The 10,000 birds posse have hit up a few spots, Birdchick's been talkin' bout Guatemala and then Julie Z has dropped some awesome posts about Guyana. All of these have been awesome but for my trip to neighbouring Venezuela I found Julie's Guyanese posts particularly useful often telegraphing what I could expect in a certain area or handing out some tidbit of information that came in bizarrely handy at some point during the trip. I tell you this as there will be a certain amount of linkage as I go through some of the Venezuela photos simply because Julie's turn of phrase is so much more elegant than mine and I don't like to reinvent the wheel much less offer a squarer version as an alternative.

Anyway in one of Julie's posts she mentioned that:
You know you're in a good spot when there's a table full of skulls right in the dining room.

I would concur but would also point out that for the nature blogging community there are many other strange signs you are onto a winner with your accommodation. This, for example, being quite literally a good sign:

croc sign

The sign is correct btw - that isn't one of yesterday's spectacled caiman. More on what it is later.


Floridacracker said...

Great shot!

John said...

I would rather prefer not being bitten in half.

tai haku said...

Thanks FC!

John - I agree. I particularly enjoyed the artist's rendition of the consequences of ignoring the sign.

Keetha said...

Oh I love it!!!