Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Homo sapiens

So I'm suffering from something a little like options paralysis post Venezuela. I have so much to share and so many planned posts.....and yet....(a) I have something like 4500 photos to go through and edit and I don't want to throw up a post on something unbelievably cool and then 2 days later discover a very similar but slightly better photo of the same animal/plant/thing as yet unedited which would then not be so impactful for the blog; (b) as a result of the aforementioned photos the laptop is making all sorts of creaking and groaning noises about a lack of disk space thereby slowing the editing process dramatically and (c) unrelated but also troublesome is the juvenile specimen of Felis catus whose territory is our house (aka Huxley) that currently keeps jumping on my head as I try to type this. The end result of all this is no more Venezuelan wonders this week to ensure a proper job when I unleash them. However I can tell you there are:
  • - 2 full weeks worth of raptor posts;
  • - a shedload of weird and less weird herons;
  • - 2 woodpeckers;
  • - details of adventures with no less than 6 species of mammal;
  • - very big and very small snakes;
  • - more orchids;
  • - a land that time forgot;
  • - James Bond/Doctor Evil-esque fishing trips; and
  • - at least 5 species of parrot to come.
In the meantime here's something a little different from Venezuela; people, specifically Warao. The Warao are the indigenous peoples of northern Venezuela and parts of Guyana and those we met were very friendly and happy to be photographed. After all, somewhere in every 6 year old girl the world over is a superstar/supermodel/princess:



I saw the scene below and it had that National Geographic look to it so I had to shoot it. Afterwards the little chap looked so irritated and thinking back to my days as a Cambridge undergrad putting up with snapping tourists I totally know why.


He is after all a little chap and not a zoo animal or museum piece. That's left this photo with an unsatisfactory feel for me but I wanted to put it out there to share the image and its unsatisfactory backstory.

Tomorrow something non-Venezuelan and next week I will unleash the edited photos I promise!


Keetha said...

Those little girls ARE princesses.

I'm sorry the young man was unhappy about his photo, but my what a photo.

Lucy Corrander said...

Don't suppose the little princesses minded having their photos taken?

But what a tantalising list of pictures to look forward to!


P.S. I've hardly been visiting any blogs recently because my laptop had almost ground to a halt in the way you describe and I had to take it back to its factory settings in order to rescue it. It's wonderfully liberating to be able to zip round the internet again and to post photos without needing an hour to spare first! L.