Monday, February 09, 2009

Sooo cute it burns! [part 1]

I'm not going to lie to you gentle reader; I spent a large part of saturday curled up in a ball in a sofa, sobbing to myself and drinking beer as a result of this fiasco. I can't tell you how pleased I am that I have tickets to Antigua to watch this shower attempt to play cricket but suffice it to say its not the most overjoyed I've ever been. In fact the only saving grace of saturday was that I found probably the cutest animal ever in the garden. Before I get to that however you get to see some saved up cuteness from a few weeks ago. Behold the cuban tree frog:

cuban tree frog3

Isn't it adorable? Why the towel background you ask? Same reason as the rattan background below - it wouldn't sit still.

cuban tree frog

I'll post some actual information about these guys shortly but for now, just bask in the cuteness.

cuban tree frog7

"If you kiss me, I'll totally turn into a prince. I promise!"


Julia said...

That really is a very cute frog.

Shame about the cricket. You're not a rugby man are you? England actually didn't suck that much on Saturday (although the Italians were more concerned with making sure their uniforms stayed clean than with playing, which helped our boys a lot). It was not pleasant watching my Scottish husband watching yesterday's game though.

tai haku said...

By way of update I saw something much cuter still yesterday - a very special post is upcoming this week once I figure out how to get video working.

I watched a little of the rugby before moving bars to watch the cricket. In hindsight a mistake.