Saturday, February 07, 2009

Floppy furfuracea

I didn't really no what to make of this Zamia at the local botanic gardens. It looked completely alien to me and I started to ponder a range of frankly silly possibilities. Then I came across a photo online of an "inland form" of Zamia furfuracea, the same species I showed you recently but rather different as you can see. That seems, as far as anyone can tell me, to be what we have here.


Unlike the more commonly seen typical form of Z. furfuracea the leaflets are kind of lax and floppy and the plant pushes these big long leaflets which flop down. It's one of the messier looking cycads I've seen but has a certain care-free charm.


For completeness - the crown held some spent male cones which were also floppy [insert your own cheap gag here]:


Disclaimer: This is one of a number of cycads that are unlabelled in a collection near to me and as such the identification is a best guess based on my own and others' assessment of the plant and the photo's above and so may be best treated with a pinch of salt.

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I'm not familiar with these :S