Monday, January 19, 2009

We have multiple bogies, repeat multiple bogies.

In Guadelupe we often managed to get more than one shark around the cage. The hard part was getting a shot of two or more at once. At one time I had 4 in front of me (or to continue the Top Gun speak "Bogies like fireflies all over the sky") but this was the best I managed.


I kind of thought we'd see a little interaction between the various individuals but truth be told for the most part the sharks ignored each other cruising calmly and paying as much attention to one another as commuters headed to different platforms at Kings Cross.


In the shot above the shark on the left has just veered out of the way of its bigger buddy on the right. To the extent there was interaction the little one predictably got out of the way of the big one.

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Joe said...

So cool!