Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally flamingo!

It seems like I've been trying, and failing, to get a decent flamingo shot for an absolute age. I've seen them often enough but usually several hundred yards out in a salt pond making digiscoping or dslr equally unsatisfactory with their heat haze. I've had them fly over my head with my camera stuck in a pocket and worst of all have been the airport pond incidents.

The airport salt ponds are not the ones I usually go to but I go past one of them every time we go to the airport or a couple of other places. Almost inevitably flamingos only appear on these ponds when:
a) I am in a desperate rush to reach check in and so can't stop;
b) I am travelling somewhere on business and so not packing long lenses; or
c) I'm dropping someone off so don't have my camera; or
d) worst of all, they are on the second airport pond which is visible only from the air. Try taking a picture of a flock of flamingos as you take off - not so easy.

Today I was dropping a friend off when......


I actually took a camera with me....one packing 300mm of telephoto goodness.


These aren't perfect....but they'll do.


Incidentally the airport saltponds are part of my beat for the Christmas Bird Count. Odds on this early christmas present still being there for that anyone?

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