Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Saturday Noah

You may have guessed from the level of detail in last week's sightings post that I was pleased with how saturday's dives went. I ended up leading the tour and acting in the full on role of critter spotter. I don't do this very often and take this really seriously as I want my fellow divers to have an awesome experience and see somethings they haven't seen before - especially when, as on saturday, we have new divers. As a result it can sometimes get frustrating when things aren't as abundant as I want or when I'm looking for something which isn't where it usually can be found.
Sometimes though it really easy and a total joy. On saturday's second dive immediately after we dropped in I went over to check the mooring was secure and found this gal tucked up straight under the boat:


I still can't believe a couple of lucky divers saw a shark 2 minutes into their first dive ever.

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