Friday, September 26, 2008

The birds...

Yet more waders. Semi-palmated sandpipers are so tough for such little birds - hard to imagine these tiny little birds squabbling with one another migrating long distances.


And they do seem to be rather short tempered and squabbly (is that a word?)...


But nevermind the squabbling; when they all get together and start looking at you as one, that's when you need to worry.....

semipalms on the march

On a meta-note I'm off hunting leviathans again so the next few days posts will be automated. Also once I get back I still owe you all long overdue posts including my awesome Arte y Pico award blog picks, book reviews of the Jim Corbett Omnibus and Paul S. Martin's Twilight of the Mammoths, thoughts of how nature bloggers can advance the sum of human knowledge, hopefully some trip details plus some unbelievably cool reptile photos.

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