Monday, September 01, 2008


Been a while since I've done a sightings post, partially because I've been away sundays and partially because I haven't seen much. This week was pretty good though. We had:

a lot of tarpon;
a big eagle ray; and
a monster green turtle on today's dives.

Those joined a nurse shark and several eagle rays seen from our bridge on wednesday and a blacktip or spinner shark (these two are very similar and almost indistinguishable without great views) working the surf on sunday at one of my favourite beaches as the week's marine sightings.

I also added a trio of new birds to the island list over the last fortnight: ring-billed gull, sooty tern and Wilson's storm petrel. Nice! We also found a dead tarantula in the bathtub. One of these days I'll find a live one. Lastly I got intriguing reports this week of a third flamingo joining our regular two.

PS Re-return week starts tomorrow with a cheery fable

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