Friday, August 01, 2008

Same shot, different birds

From the same beach that provided our recent osprey "photo". Anyone care to hazard a guess at what the two little blobs centre right are? Scrolling over the picture with your cursor is cheating!

flamingo sunset

Here's an enlargement.


Click here to see the two birds in a bit more familiar position. They roost on an offshore island with a larger flock and passed straight over my head - by the time I got my camera on this was all I got. At the weekend I went over to another island, our flamingo mothership. Our flamingos are shy birds though and always favour the centre of our shallow salt ponds. Shy and cooperative they may be but they are doing rather well and I didn't want to risk disturbing them just for a better shot:

pink blobs

I think this portion of our (completely reintroduced) national flock was a little shy of 100.

Meta note: I'm travelling for the next few days so posts hereafter will be automated til next friday or so after which I may even have some flamingo close-ups to share!

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