Thursday, March 13, 2008

pink pirouettes

So a couple of friends stopped by to say farewell on the day I moved out....


Of course it won't be farewell for long - the pond they visit offers the best birding on the island and is also on my way to and from work. Meanwhile a quick break from the box filling led to my least-rubbish digiscoped flamingos yet.


You really need to see flamingos feed to believe it. They kind of stamp there feet while moving in circles to stir up the mud and its attendant microfauna which they then tuck into.


This gives the effect of watching leggy ballerinas pirouette from a distance. It also leaves me kicking myself for not using the video option on my digicam immediately after I start downloading my images. Next time I will remember to video it for you. Maybe.


Pam in Tucson said...

They're beautiful! Would love to see a video of them. Hope you're happy where you've moved to.

Hugh said...

Wonderful place, beautiful pictures.

In the first picture, who's that perched on the log in the background?

tai haku said...

Thanks Pam, Hugh

That would be a little blue heron (probably our most common non-cattle egret heron).

Mel said...

Great pictures!