Thursday, August 21, 2008

OK Seriously. Comments?

I hereby throw myself at the feet of my beloved readers and beg for their help. Can anyone hook me up with a recent comments widget for blogger that actually works? I can't seem to find one that'll do the job.


Mike said...

Perhaps you're asking the wrong question. Could this be the right time for you to move to wordpress?

tai haku said...

Hey Mike - I think wordpress is ultimately in the future but not for some time I'm afraid.

Frances, said...

I can't answer that but maybe if you leave a comment on a blog that is using this feature they can tell you. Then let me know, if you don't mind! HA

Frances at Faire Garden

Julia said...

I use Haloscan - - for my comments, and as a result use their recent comments widget on Blogger. It's easiest to install if you have a new Blogger template, as they'll actually insert it in your template for you.

I prefer Haloscan to Blogger comments because, even though I can't get word verification to prevent spam, they log the IP address of everyone who comments, so you can blog spammers. And on the new Blogger template you can comment at the bottom of the individual post page so you don't have to go through to Blogger's own page.

This is really useful if you want to refer back to the post as you're commenting.