Sunday, August 31, 2008

Next week is.....and other news.

After putting it off for several weeks I've finally got round to finishing the posts so next week will be Re-return Week all week here on Earth, Wind & Water. The name comes from a particularly amusing episode of CBS' How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM to its friends) to which I am addicted.
However for us next week's posts will all refer to a series of awesome conservation initiatives that usually start with the letters "RE" for example "rewilding, reforesting, releasing, rereleasing, reintroducing, returning, [genetically] reproducing/replicating and so on and so on. There will still be photos but there will also be a fair bit of writing which I hope will raise your interest and provoke some thoughts and discussion in the comments. We will see.
I've kind of fixed the comments issue with a plug in I found in the blogger templates (by searching for comments in the add element section). It doesn't work quite how I'd like but it does work!

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