Thursday, August 14, 2008

Johnny Orangeseed??

Longtime readers may remember my "Johnny Appleseed" post about wild apple trees springing up on roadsides as a result of car users' discarded applecores. Well unsurprisingly the same principle can work in the tropics. Take this fine green specimen pushing up out of the roadside scrub in the Dominican Republic.


It is a rather bountiful orange that I'm fairly sure ended up there by accident. Oranges like most fruit trees have been highly selected so seed grown fruit offer no assurances of quality.


These look pretty good though. Perhaps when ripe they'll be rather delicious. Come to think of it this might explain the slightly pale colouration of our hotel's morning OJ. Even if it were good for nothing else they shouldn't be short of marmalade; the little fellow was absolutely laden:


Generally I was massively impressed with fruit cultivation in DR. Citrus, mangoes and avocado were all common around hotels and houses. I must confess I hadn't really been too much of a fan of avocado until I enjoyed it fresh from the tree and lightly salted last week.

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I likE plants! said...

Wild! It could be a sour orange the tend to pop up here and there.