Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A quickie

Just a quick post as I still don't have home access so am typing this in a rush in a hotel lobby....

I have no idea what this is. Its a really cool (in my opinion) way of mounting a fossil from the NYMNH. I'm sure its some sort of salamanderesque amphibian/protoreptiley thing (I seem to remember it being near Dimetrodon.


In keeping with the drawing of the mount I photoshopped the fossil itself into a line drawing style for no other reason than I thought it would look cool (and now I have I think it does).

Coming soon:
Extinct megafauna,
A review of the New York Museum of Natural History,
London's green cavity nesting birds x2,
An account of my first successful twitch,
Some thoughts on humanity, and most importantly
An owl update with photos!

Edit: With a hat tip to commenter Neil this beasty is a hamemrhead orboomerang salamander, one of the three Diplocaulus species. Its fromthe Permian and was likely totally aquatic.


Neil said...

ah yes, Diplocaulus here's what the recent ones look like.

Wois said...

u like paleontology? awesome!!!

tai haku said...

Thanks Neil - I knew it should be fairly well known but couldn't find the details in time for last night's quick post - I'll append a bit more detail later.
That hoax photo is brilliantly done - the bucket on the lawn is a really nice touch.

Wois - I think all young boys who grow up and retain an interest in nature fundamentally enjoy paleontology too. There will be a couple more paleo-posts in a little while but not too regularly.

Texas Travelers said...

Very cool