Saturday, April 05, 2008


One of these years I'll get round to a proper post about my beloved Passiflora, missionary tales and heliconid butterflies. For now however it will remain a promise primarily because I strangely don't have many photos of my favourite flowering genus.


This unidentified passiflora sp. was lighting up the Princess of Wales conservatory, RBG Kew on Thursday. Maybe a P. molissima hybrid (exonensis? kewensis?). Its not one I've seen before whatever it is.


Pam in Tucson said...

Beautiful photo, tai! So happy you're enjoying your home vacation. Lucky you to be at Kew. Back in the early 60's, we used to walk on Sundays from our flat at St. Margaret's along the Thames path to Kew, past Isleworth Ait, Syon Park and a wonderful heronry.

tai haku said...

The herons are still there Pam although they've been joined by rather a lot of parakeets in the neighbourhood!

Texas Travelers said...

Beautiful. How could anyone not love these.


Mel said...

How beautiful!!