Saturday, April 05, 2008

Barn Owl Update/weekly sightings

The latest news from transrural is that two owls have been seen entering the box together at the same time meaning we should have a pair! It looks as though all systems are go and although we have no way of knowing, based on what we've heard from other box users in the region, there might even be eggs in the box already!

The weekly sightings are a bit weird as they include:
Columbian Mammoth,
American Mastodon
Australopithecus afarensis
Tyranosaurus rex and a load of other stuff (all at the US Museum of Natural History - I'll write a proper post on it but if you're in NY and haven't been go, its a credit to the city).

Proper sightings included:
Western Tanager;
Red-Tail Hawk;
assorted american sparrows;
Gilded Flicker;
Downy Woodpecker;
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker;
chickadee and tufted titmouse (all NY);
long-tailed tit;
coal tit;
great tit;
new born Ovis sp.; and
treecreeper (all Ireland); and
rose-ringed parakeet;
eurasian green woodpeckers (X 4);
grey heron; and
paired peregrines (all in London (baby!)).

Its been quite a week.

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Wanderin' Weeta said...

Skimming through rapidly on Bloglines, I took this post for another of the "poetry week" offerings. I slowed down to read, and found I was mistaken.

But then again, that list had a great rhythm to it; reading it the third time, I decided it was a poem, after all.