Saturday, March 29, 2008

News from the airport

Just a quick blog from JFK cos I'm bored. I spent the day waiting for connecting flights so nipped into NY to the museum of natural history which is, I agree with Brian, awesome. Stepping outside I encorached into 10,000 birds territory by twitching the Central Park Western Tanager (my first successful twitch taking a total of 5 minutes). Felt a bit stupid looking at such a rare NY bird with other keen NY birders when at that point I didn't have any of the chickadees or yankee titmice on my lifelist (also soon remedied) but the friendly american birders hooked me up with that and 3 woodpecker sp. in about 15 minutes of total birding. Central Park is firmly on my to do list for any future NY trips. Pics to follow eventually.

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Mike said...

You're always welcome on our territory, Tai. Next time let us know you're here and we'll make sure you leave with a lot more birds than you came with.