Monday, January 21, 2008

A plover of many names

I saw this Grey Plover in the east of England in early December braving the cold. We get them here in the Caribbean too where they are known, in the American style, as black-bellied plovers.

grey plover

The only real difference being; here they don't look so cold and miserable.

grey plover2

I understand that Americans may soon also be referring to them as Grey Plovers. Let the record show they should never however be referred to as Gray Plovers.


Charlie said...

You're so right: "gray" is an abomination and should be stamped down on very hard :)

Anonymous said...

Thus spake the Englishmen. Tai, you'll never truly acclimate to the New World with that colonial attitude!

tai haku said...

Ha! I thought Charlie and I had slipped that one past you Mike.