Saturday, January 26, 2008

ID quiz answer

OK so next time I do one of these quizes I need to remember to make sure the photo title doesn't flash up when you roll your cursor over it revealing the bird's name!

As Hugh correctly guessed the hidden bill was indeed a big clue. Here's that bill revealed.


Patrick got the correct genus but was thrown off track by my sneakily not identifying the location it was taken. This was actually a shot from last year's trip back to the UK which means we're dealing with the Eurasian Curlew. This was one of 4 or 5 working the grass around Gibraltar Point's freshwater pools. The highlight of the trip back for me though was suddenly noticing a huge flock of curlew working a field on the side of a norfolk road. I reckon Curlew are one of those birds that are relatively easy to find and yet neither I nor my father had ever seen more than one or two at once so seeing a big flock of these impressive birds was a real treat.

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Patrick Belardo said...

Cool bird!