Thursday, January 31, 2008

A couple of links and other reading material

A few links to play with and explore if you haven't already found them. Firstly we have a new carnival in the nature blog kingdom. The Berry-go-round's first edition was revealed earlier this week and mighty impressive it was too. I was really fascinated by the variety of posts and bloggers on offer - we have everything from recipes to photos to scientific postings to conservation and back again. Awesome stuff and lets hope that diversity continues in future editions - its a great way to move out of your own comfy corner of the blogosphere and find cool new feeds for your reader.

Speaky of corners of the blogosphere, few people have done more for the nature blog pantheon than 10,000 birds' Mike, already the founder and wrangler of the wonderful I and the Bird carnival, Mike has unleashed the Nature Blog Network, a nature blog toplisty thing. E,W&W has been moving steadily down the list since inception but let the record show we were very briefly in the top 10! Its inspiring to see how many hits the big blogs get and really interesting to see some of the stuff filling those top spots centres on less fashionable areas of the natural world like the deep sea (which you know I like) and invertebrates (which you know I like). Good cricket all round.

Finally a bit about what I'm reading right now. Donald Prothero's new book is in the process of knocking my socks off and if Protheroe's explaining the evidence for evolution don't get you going how about a whole load of art in there by Carl Buell - if you don't know Carl and his work you can get a sample and self portrait here as Olduvai George learns about Arctodus halitosis (Short-faced bear bad breath).


Mike said...

Tai, you're too kind.

tai haku said...

Credit goes where its due Mike. Thanks for setting that up - I'm finding it really interesting.