Saturday, December 22, 2007

Teal - old style

So fairly soon the Blue-winged teals will start arriving in BVI in pretty good numbers but we don't get the ordinary green teal and I rather miss them so I was pleased to see these chaps when I went back to the UK.


This is the Eurasian species of course and I think its probably my favourite duck. I really like how small they are and the beautiful head and breast patterning. For some reason they remind me more of little decoys than live ducks when they sit like this. I think it might be their small size which makes them appear slightly stiffer than bigger birds. Also the brown, gold and (british racing) green head pattern just looks so old and british - its like it should be the interior of a rolls-royce.


These are very much alive however although they didn't do much of interest whilst I watched them - I think, like me, they were too cold to do anything but sit still!

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