Saturday, December 22, 2007

10 best (photos)

So I meant to include pictures with the 10 best meme but forgot. Here (somewhat delayed) they are:

Whale Shark


Grey Seal


American Kestrel


Patrick and the 10,000 birds team have already participated. Feel free to follow their lead and make me jealous with your great moments - I'll post a full meme links page once a few more people get involved (hopefully) and send links.


Patrick Belardo said...

Could that Whale Shark be any cooler? I saw some at the Georgia Aquarium last year, but I'm sure it's a lot better in real life.

tai haku said...

"Could that Whale Shark be any cooler?"

No, no it couldn't.

It could've been bigger though - this was a 4m baby.

Lana Gramlich said...

I thought there were supposed to be 10 photos..? Where are the other, beautiful 7?

tai haku said...

Lana - there are a few links to photos of the other top 10 moments in the original top 10 moments post but I didn't get photos of all of them - I blew the hammerheads cos my camera broke and the goldcrests cos I'm useless