Thursday, October 04, 2007


I spent quite a while trying to get decent photos of this skulking little chap. Why? Well I'd managed to convince myself that that purplish tinge was indicative of its being a juvenile Purple Gallinule which would be a lifer.....


Of course its not. Its a moorhen. Yeah, I know one of the most widespread birds on the planet found on almost every continent, one I've seen regularly since the age of about 3. A bird that breeds in our garden in the UK no less. A cringeworthy error.


But be does look purple....and moorhens are called gallinules in the technically it is a purple gallinule just not the Purple Gallinule....Whadaya mean I can't tick it!??!?!


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Mike said...

Good try though, Tai. Anyway, you should hold out for the adult purple gallinule in all its brilliant purple glory. If there's a more resplendent rallid out there, I haven't seen it!