Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another E,W&W studios' film productiion

A while ago I posted some "classic" Manta ray shots - the silhouette and the gaping maw along with what passes here for rambling spiritual outpourings about why I dive. Well inspired by the Birdchick's use of video from her digital cameras and remembering my previous video posting I thought this video, taken on the second day of diving would give a good insight into the reality of the situation. Some things to look out for whilst watching:

  1. Check out the particulate matter going horizontally - indicative of the strong current; we were anchored firmly in the sand in order to watch (although notice how little effort our star puts in) and also of why the viz is rubbish and spooky.

  2. Notice the missing fin tip; lost to a shark bite or to stray fishing line caused amputation?

I hope you enjoy - next time I'm diving I might try some more video instead of stills.

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