Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weather - bad news and good news

Well the bad news is there is a pretty serious hurricane moving through the caribbean right now. It's missed us but done (and is going to do) a lot of damage elsewhere. My commiserations to anyone affected by any of the tropical weather systems currenty in motion. Of course wild animals, like people, are keen to avoid seriously adverse weather. This is the only reason I can attribute for the sudden influx of waders on the pond. I went down this morning and was shocked to see dozens of little sandpipers and plovers working the mud. In the flocks were a number of species I've not shot before and I ended up with some worthwhile shots so expect to see a bit of a wader fest over the next few weeks (along with those extra sharks I owes ya!)


These are apparently semi-palmated sandpipers (I say apparently because how anyone tells the difference between all these little chaps is beyond me). More, and better, shots to come soon.

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