Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well its taken a lot of time but I finally got some hummingbird photos I don't hate!



The second one looks better large. Click here for that.

These are the largest of the 3 species we get on the island (2 residents, 1 now only vagrant), the Green-throated Carib. Its also the most aggressive and typically I only see 1 at a time or alternatively one chasing another away from its protected patch. This white flowered tree however was so laden with nectar rich flowers that it was absolutely covered in hummers, both caribs and, higher up, Antillean Cresteds. They were so focussed on the nectar that I was able to sneak up and take these images without too much difficulty even though my usual hummer shots contain only green blurs. Both species will visit feeders so I occasionally get the pleasure of their company on my balcony. Nice.


Mike said...

Nice shots, Tai! Hummingbirds may be tough to get pictures of, but when you're successful, the results can be outstanding.

tai haku said...

Couldn't agree more Mike - if I hadn't seen other's photos I'd never have believed it possible to freeze these guys with a small digicam.

Ecobirder said...

Very pretty bird and a great pic.