Monday, August 13, 2007

Keep those eyes peeled!

A while ago I wrote a birding post about seeing things in unexpected places and how it was worthwhile keeping your eyes open in case you missed something cool. Birds of course have an advantage in turning up in strange places in that their wings can take them almost anywhere. Sea creatures are limited to the ocean of course but wherever there's salt water its worth keeping your eyes open as something awesome may swim by.

eagle ray

The spotted eagle ray above was one of two that spent 15 minutes circling a ferry dock I was waiting at the other day. Spotted eagle rays are often thought of by divers as pelagics like mantas as they can be seen flying along deep walls and drop offs. They actually frequently feed in quite shallow sand flats though and I suspect that's where these two were headed.

BTW If you're a bird fan getting bored with all these Elasmobranchs (hey - this one had wings at least!) stay tuned - cool stuff coming up later in the week.

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