Friday, July 20, 2007

Missing Cephs

So I've shown you a number of different octopi over the lasst 18 months and a couple of squid but I just realised that in spite of mentioning a dive where we saw the other 2 types of commonly encountered cephalopods I hadn't shown you either. Which means no cuttlefish and, worse, none of my favourites and one of the least known, no bobtail squid. So here, by way of a friday cephalopod PZ Myers tribute, is a bobtail:


Bobtails are really rather adorable little creatures with doe eyes that get to perhaps squash ball size. They all tend to show this weird phosphorescent/transluscent skin colour pattern and are closely related to cuttlefish. One reason they are less well know is that they spend a lot of time buried which was where this chap headed fairly swiftly.


If you look closely you'll be able to see his see through arms throwing sand over him in a "rowing" action.

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