Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Same lily, different day.

I'm struggling with the blog a little at the moment. I have a fairly nice backlog of pictures that are either interesting, beautiful (if I say so myself) or both. I've been pleased with what I've been taking of late and am feeling like I'm now getting to know the E900's limits a bit better. But I still don't have my new laptop which means I have no dark room and can't edit photos for the web so rather than put them up in a form I'm not happy with I'm sandbagging a bit. Also I'm going away shortly with some more pictures in mind so I hope with these two caveats in mind you'll keep checking back and in a fortnight or so will notice a dramatic difference.

With my whiny excuses out of the way, here's a plant I've photographed before and shared with you here.


This is some sort of small tropical day blooming waterlily. Tropical Nymphea are divided into day and night bloomers - why would you want to plant a night bloomer - well they look amazing by torchlight and some are marvellously fragrant. Day bloomers of course are more visible in the day time so the solution is to plant a big pond full of both around your tropical mansion (moat anyone?). This chap however has a much different existence, it has grown in a tiny fountain in town for a long time performing beautifully. For more details of tropical and temperate waterlilies check out WGI. The latest issue of their journal was published last week and whether you enjoy this blog because you like plants, birds or coral reef fish you should be interested in the in-depth feature on Samaan Grove wetland complex in Tobago, a fairly visionary bit of biological landscape engineering that either involves or aids all the above (this is a members only area but membership is free and worthwhile).

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