Sunday, March 25, 2007


So I've mentioned a couple of times in recent posts that I find the mangroves a very hard environment to take photos in. Its dark, cluttered habitat which makes framing and exposures difficult and its wet, muggy and mosquito-filled which means camera and photographer can both suffer a little for their art. Anyway I thought I'd put some outtakes up to show what goes wrong and what hopefully you might see decent photos of soon.


This stunningly beautiful female yellow warbler sat and posed for a few seconds but the darkness and my temporary lack of a long lens meant a record shot was all I could manage.


I've been seeing a couple of soras around but they're always either holed up in a mass of mangroves or too close to digiscope but too far away for the normal lens. There is one in the centre here and a yellowlegs in top right.


I've seen a few of these ground snakes around but thus far they've been too quick and too close to cover for me to get a decent shot. I actually moved this water heater in the hope I'd find the snake beneath it but no dice. There are also a number of indigenous boas throughout the region but as yet I've had no luck tracking them down.

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