Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Little and sleepy

The sixth species of shark I dived with was the scalloped hammerhead. They were each 8-10 feet long and there were about 20 of them. They are the type of sharks people think of, and the type of sharks the media love because frankly even with all the knowledge of how safe you are around them, they're big, confident around people and a little bit scary.

Some sharks are the opposite. This is a grey bamboo shark, the seventh species I dived with.

Grey bamboo shark

Its about 2 feet long and its hiding behind a sea urchin. It'll stay there all day or hidden in another hole (possibly with a group of its mates) because thats what it does...when it gets dark it might nip out and eat a snail or little crab or two. Til then it'll stay hiding behind its urchin and sleep.


Endment said...

What an interesting sleeping place... I had never thought before of the "comfort" of sleeping behind a sea urchin :)

tai haku said...

I know what you mean - these are very prolific little sharks in certain areas but they seem to spend all their time hidden in a ludicrously unphotographic position. This one was the most "exposed" I found framed by his urchins.