Thursday, January 21, 2016

An ending...a continuation...a beginning

I've always hated when blogs I love just stop dead. I find myself wondering what happened to the blogger. Did they die suddenly? were they taken ill or heartbroken? Did they fall in love and drop everything? Who knows.

I always said therefore that wouldn't happen with Earth, Wind & Water. But it sort of did. A couple of years almost went by. Sorry about that. I'm still alive. Not ill nor heartbroken. I did fall in love. And then I got one of these.....


He's ten months old now and awesome fun. I also planted an orchard and got a load of these...


I don't have time to blog anymore as a result of all this grown up stuff but I still share pictures via instagram. You can find me there at if you want to stay in touch. E,W&W won't be updated anymore but at some point I will resurface with a website for the orchard and photos therefrom.

To close things out, here's some things we did that didn't involve nappies.


Giant Anteater
giant anteater1

Giant Otter

giant armadillo2


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