Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A visit to the nurse

Time for a break from Venezuela reminiscing for some local stuff. I headed to one of the less populous islands for some r'n'r this weekend. Does a little birding, a little fishing, a little snorkelling, a little herping, some grilled lobster and a glass or two of white wine sound good to you guys too? I thought so. Anyway one thing we haven't seen for a while is a shark. I had three species over the weekend, the biggest specimen of which was this 4 1/2 or 5 foot female nurse shark.


This is a fairly typical first view of a nurse by the way. They love to sit with their heads buried under something like this - it always reminds me of a child playing hide and seek who thinks because they can't see you that you can't see them.


Here's a good view of the angular shape of the nurse shark's body. Notice the huge triangular pectorals, the pair of big dorsals (a pair of close to equally sized dorsals can only mean nurse or lemon shark here) and that long tapered tail. There should be a third photo here but I was using a camera other than my own and at the moment of the perfect passing head shot I pressed the off button instead of the shutter! D'oh!

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