Sunday, October 12, 2008


We had a pretty good day out on the water yesterday. The first dive netted us:
1 x green turtle,
1 X hawskbill turtle,
1 X octopus,
1 X blacktip/spinner shark,
20 X tarpon - an awesome tight school of 5 foot fish passing us by,
1 X tiny juvenile spotted drum,
1 x tiny lobster, and
1 X goldspot moray.

Dive 2 gave us:
1 X highly agitated nurse shark,
1 X giant horse-eye jack complete with remora,
1 X spotted moray, and
a free swimming secretary blenny.

So pretty good - today has been a disaster - I went birding and I and my camera got soaked by a tropical storm then I went to my herping spot and the rains followed - they were so heavy I sat in the car for half an hour and drove home.

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