Friday, August 22, 2008

Island Peckers

As has previously been noted, I'm a huge fan of woodpeckers. Sadly we don't get to see them often. We have no resident species here (YB-Sapsucker is an occasional migrant/vagrant in theory at least) but a number of other islands do.

This is the West Indian Woodpecker, Cayman form. I found one nesting by my accomodation to my surprise but it wasn't wonderfully friendly to my puny digicam's zoom (travelling on business = no multi-kilo camera rigs, underwater, telephoto or otherwise). At the local botanic gardens there were loads however. This chap was very accomodating.

West Indian woodpecker2

He even brought a friend.

West Indian woodpecker

I'm intrigued by how square the hole is. I wonder if this is normal or have they had artificial help?


Seabrooke said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the hole was natural. Up here our Pileated Woodpecker makes rectangular holes when foraging (their nest holes are more oval).

Eric Bronson said...

They look alot like our Red Bellied Woodpecker Melanerpes carolinus here in south Florida.

tai haku said...

Thanks guys.

ILP - they are very closely related I think.

Seabrooke that would make sense - I saw them go into rounder holes but not this one.