Saturday, July 26, 2008

Peruvian daffodil

Sorry about the lack of content/automated posts - I lost web contact for much of the week but luckily had the owl posts lined up in advance. This was particularly annoying as I have some really cool posts lined up but I need some web access to finalise them. Anyway here's Hymenocallis narcissiflora, the Peruvian daffoldil.


Its a popular bulb out here and naturalises in spots here and there.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I love the shape of this flower, what a lovely way to brighten up an area.

tai haku said...

It certainly does brighten areas up PG - better still it does well in heavyish tropical shade; this one was actually growing under the stairs up to our house.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

After some of your other photographs, I was expecting this to turn out to be some kind of exotic creature.

It's beautiful.


tai haku said...

Funny you should say that Lucy - I always kind of expect these flowers to spring into life for some reason - another of the common names is Spider lily so its not just me either!