Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earthday

Deep Sea News has asked me to remind y'all today that the deep sea is the largest part of the earth. Which seems fair enough. In fact the sea as a whole gets a rather raw deal in this regard. Things like scallop-dredging and bottom-trawling would I'm sure be banned instantly if they were a way of harvesting land animals and shark-fin soup would surely be even less acceptable if it were made from extremities cut off something cuddly (like a dolphin or bunny) which was subsequently drowned. Anyway with that reminder out of the way here's some reminders of why the sea is super-cool and just as worthy of your love and care today as the green and brown bits:

Whale Shark
Green Turtle
Long-Nosed Hawkfish
California Sea Lion


Anonymous said...

Happy Earth Day, and Week! Your blog has now made its way into my reader.

tai haku said...

Thanks Kevin - quite an honour to make it onto one of my favourite blogger's readers.